Van Cruiser Caravans – Superior engineering, construction & build quality

We can’t tell you all our secrets, but here’s an insight into our construction methods and how Van Cruiser Caravans are built to stand the test of time.

CHASSIS: We offer a range G&S chassis options which are available with on road, dirt road & off road independent suspension choices tailored to suit your travel requirements. Our chassis’ are engineered in conjunction with the layout of the caravan which means that we are able to deliver every caravan with excellent balance, towing stability and precise handling.

FRAME: The sturdy frame structure is constructed with Meranti timber which is a lightweight stable timber not inclined to bend, twist or warp. The frame is glued and screwed which provides extra strength and the Meranti timber allows for controlled expansion and contraction in Australia’s climatic extremes.

WIRING: We use 8mm & 6mm double sheath wiring on the main harness which means that our vans don’t experience voltage drops from the batteries to the fridge and all the appliances in the van. The harness is secured to the walls so there is no movement when the van is on the go and all the main looms are double fused for added safety. We take extra care when it comes to the wiring on each van to ensure that you have years and years of trouble free caravanning with your wiring system.

INSULATION: The roof is tightly packed with rock wool insulation and the entire body of the caravan is covered in polystyrene foam. With this insulation on the entire caravan and also within the composite panels, we are able to achieve a double insulation factor which is designed to keep your van cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Hot air rises, so the 4 hatches in the roof will help the hot air escape out of the van and the Dometic double glazed tinted windows with block out blinds & flyscreens certainly help to keep the heat out and regulate great airflow through the van.

PANELS: Aluminum flat composite panels are bonded onto the Meranti frame, giving the structure of the caravan superior strength due to this lamination process. The panels have a three layer composite structure, the top and bottom layers are covered with Aluminum sheets and the central core is high density polyethylene. These panels are easy to maintain and are high in strength with excellent insulation and resistance to acids & alkali.

PROTECTION: For the ultimate protection from stone chips and scratches, the sides of the van are protected with 750mm high, 1.6mm thick checker-plate & the front and back are covered with high grade pebble-guard rubber padding to deflect stones and protect the van and your vehicle.

POWER: Free camping is not just about making your dollar go further, its also about the freedom that this lifestyle brings and finding those camping spots that take your breath away. We set you up with battery & solar pack combinations designed to keep your van running independently and efficiently when access to power is not available. We offer many solutions which we tailor to your specific travel needs with options for multiple deep cycle AGM batteries to run your 12V system which operates your fridge, lighting and 12V power through the caravan paired roof mounted solar panels to keep the juice in your batteries charged. This system is fully programmed from the factory and includes solar regulator, battery charger and battery protector. Other options such as gas heaters, gas and solar hot water services and inverters are innovative solutions for alternatives to 240V powered appliances.

CABINETS & FURNITURE: Our dedicated team of experienced builders and tradesman are so particular about their workmanship that even the grain is matched on the furniture and cupboard doors. Our cabinets and furniture are made from high quality, lightweight solid ply and are screwed and glued into position to ensure high strength with flexibility, we can assure you  – they wont move! We use the highest quality struts, hinges and catches on the doors and metal drawer sides & runners to provide long lasting durability and functionality.